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Brauns International is constantly striving to hurry on ahead of the competition for the development of new products as well as the creating of new standards.

Human Capital. Brauns International achieves its goals through continuity in its work force. Our staff turnover has been less than 15% in the past 3 years. This makes us one of the leaders in our business.

Brauns International is a worldwide operating moving and relocation company. We achieve our high quality standards through constant training of our employees as well as from their extensive motivation.


Brauns International is a globally active provider of moving and relocation services. Through intensive, internationally-oriented training of our personnel, we ensure that our employees are competent, friendly and capable of maintaining our high quality standard. Our customers receive personal support from dedicated representatives, who continue to guarantee our service even after the move is complete.

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Whether moving within Germany, Europe or to anywhere in the whole wide world.

Brauns INTERNATIONAL One partner – all solutions.


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